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Switchgear | Circuit Breaker Testing

Switchgear systems represent the hub of electrical grids. Switchgears can be either indoor, gas-insulated systems (GIS), which are space saving – or, can alternatively be the classic outdoor switchgear type. GIS generally provide greater insulation strength than their indoor counterparts, and the distances to the ground can be significantly smaller.

There are three main objectives that all circuit breakers perform. They need to efficiently conduct current when closed, insulate contacts when open, and rapidly disconnect the fault in the event of a breakdown. When testing a circuit breaker, more often than not you will focus on the motion and time measurements of each unit. When a fault occurs, it’s usually found on the coils, which can trigger incorrect circuit behavior. Often, a short circuit on the coils is caused by wear and tear of the mechanical connections and insulation. This is why circuit breakers must be checked regularly.

Because they are comprised of many moving parts, can be maintenance intensive, and serve essential functions, testing circuit breakers and switchgears accurately is critical. Advanced Test Equipment Rentals carries a wide variety of test equipment to verify the condition of a circuit breaker and switchgear, and perform routine maintenance. Browse from equipment by leading manufacturers like OMICRON, Megger, Phenix, and more. Rent a circuit breaker test system today, and get it tomorrow with next-day shipping.

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