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Conduct advanced testing on television and video devices with test equipment from Advanced Test Equipment Rentals. Television and video testers can measure color, vector display, stereo audio display, composite or component waveform, luminance, and noise from multiple displays, like plasma, LCD, and LED-based flat-panels, sometimes even projectors. This form of testing equipment can output a variety of patterns. Some television and video testers can evaluate digital video, analog video, IP testing, sweep, VoIP and more, all in one meter. Side-by-side comparisons of TVs require this type of equipment.

Television and video testers can vary in size to better suit an assortment of testing needs. Some are rugged and lightweight, weighing less than 3 pound for portability and ease of use. Whatever your specific testing needs, Advanced Test Equipment Rentals features high quality equipment solutions. ATEC carries products from manufacturers like Tektronix, Acterna, Astro Design, Chroma and more.

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