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Transformer & Electrical Motor Testing

Testing power transformers and motors is essential to both manufacturers and end users. Electrical testing for transformers and motors includes testing for ratio, winding resistance, tap changer, excitation current, short circuit impedance, and more. These series of tests allow you to monitor performance of a transformer or motor and address any necessary maintenance immediately, which saves time and money down the line that would have been spent on costly, arduous repairs or replacements. Advanced Test Equipment Rentals carries transformer and motor testing sets that enable you monitor the health of a transformer and perform AC and DC motor tests. Verify proper voltage output of your transformer and motor, and prevent corrosion and breakdowns.

ATEC offers transformer and motor testing equipment from top manufacturers like OMICRON, GE, Baker, Biddle and more. Rent a transformer or motor test set today, and receive next-day shipping for tomorrow.

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