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XRF Analyzers

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals offers XRF analyzers for non-destructive testing of a material’s elemental composition. These tools assess the chemical breakdown of a given sample by determining the fluorescent X-ray emitted from the test subject when it is stimulated by a primary X-Ray source. 

Ideal for an array of applications, like positive material identification (PMI), lead paint testing, soil analysis, consumer goods testing and many others, these devices provide quick ID, screening, sorting, and elemental and metal analysis. Some of the XRF analyzers available for rent from ATEC can identify up to 30 elements, from Mg to U. Handheld and ergonomically designed, XRF analyzers are built for rugged, real-world industrial use. With its point-and-shoot simplicity, even a non-technical user can operate this technology.

Non-invasive and with near instantaneous results, XRF analyzers are an essential piece of equipment for testing and analysis. ATEC offers analyzers from leading manufacturers like Thermo Scientific, Olympus Delta, and more.

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