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XY Recorders & Plotters

X-Y Recorders and Plotters are a type of recording instrument that often work in conjunction with Strip Chart Recorders to give a graphic record of the relationship between two variables. The X-Y Recorders and Plotters produce visual representation of electrical input variables on a single, stable chart. In these tools, an emf is established as a function of another emf. There are many variations of X-Y Recorders and Plotters, but all operate via a pair of servo systems that drive a recording pen in two axes through a sliding pen. When one of the variables on the axis is time, though, continuous recording is needed, and better methods of tracking these measurements are necessary – hence where applying a Strip Chart Recorder is required for accurate time keeping. Advanced Test Equipment Rentals offers X-Y Recorders and Plotters for long or short-term rent, and carries brands like HP.