Automotive Standards: DaimlerChrysler DC-10614

This joint engineering standard defines the elctromagnetic compatibility requirements for components and subassemblies that contain electrical or electronic components for DaimlerChrysler vehicles and applies to all electrical and electronic components that reference this standard. The purpose of this joint engineering standard is to ensure electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) within the vehicle and between the vehicle and its electromagnetic environment. To support this, bench tests of the immunity requirements are defined in this standard. Deviations from the requirements contained in this standard are only allowed if agreed explicitly between the supplier and the appropriate vehicle line within DaimlerChrysler and documented in the applicable product specification(s).

The purpose of component testing is the pre-qualification of components from the supplier at a time when representative vehicles are not yet available. In addition to meeting the requirements for a module or component as specified in this standard, the module or component must comply with DaimlerChrysler Standard DC-10613. Vehicle testing is authoritative for EMC approval. The supplier shall comply with this standard and ensure that the current edition is used.