This regulation applies to vehicles of categories L, M, N, and O with regard to electromagnetic compatibility. Components and separate technical units intended to be fitted in these vehicles with the limitation given in paragraph 3.2.1. with regard to electromagnetic compatibility.

It covers:

A. Requirements regarding the immunity to radiated and conducted disturbances for functions related to direct control of the vehicle, related to driver, passenger and other road users' protection, related to disturbances, which would cause confusion to the driver or other road users, related to vehicle data bus functionality, related to disturbances, which would affect vehicle statutory data.

B. Requirements regarding the control of unwanted radiated and conducted emissions t protect the intended use of electrical or electronic equipment at own or adjacent vehicles or nearby, and the control of disturbances from accessories that may be retrofitted to the vehicle.

C. Additional requirements for vehicles providing coupling systems for charging the RESS regarding the control of emissions and immunity from this connection between vehicle and power grid.