NEBS Standards (Network Equipment Building System): Telecordia GR-1089 Core: Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety - Generic Criteria for Network Telecommunications Equipment

Telecordia GR – 1089 (formerly Bellcore) sets the criteria for wireline and wireless EMC applications. GR-1089 is used to ensure telecommunications equipment contains the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and electrical safety criteria necessary to perform safely and reliably.

GR – 1089 contains NEBS (Network Equipment - Building System) criteria that cover equipment in Central Offices (COs); equipment in the Outside Plant (OSP) at locations such as Controlled Environmental Vaults (CEVs), Electronic Equipment Enclosures (EEEs), and huts; equipment in uncontrolled structures such as cabinets; and network equipment at the customer premises.

Telecommunications equipment, by nature of its application in the telecommunications network, may be exposed to one or more sources of electromagnetic energy. The criteria in this document are intended to help avoid equipment damage and malfunction because of lightning, 50/60-Hz commercial power fault conditions, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Electrical Fast Transient (EFT), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), operation in the presence of a dc potential difference, and operation in a steady-state induced voltage environment.

This document also presents other criteria intended to help establish that equipment will not become a fire or electrical safety hazard in the presence of severe lightning or power fault conditions. Safe voltage levels for intentionally applied sources, electrochemical corrosion effects, grounding, and dc powering are considered as well.

In addition to wireline services, this standard applies to wireless systems that provide fixed and/or mobile services that are installed in locations with telecommunications network equipment or information technology networking equipment.

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