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RTCA/DO-160 Section 17: Voltage Spike

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EMC Partner Fx-DO-160-S17
Plug-in Module

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Solar 7054-1 Spike Generator

Similar to MIL-STD-461F test method CS106 [3], this section tests to determines if the EUT operates as required during and/or after voltage spikes are applied to the AC and/or DC power input(s).
Equipment Categories:
There are two categories. Category B test level is twice the AC (rms) and/or DC line voltage (or 200 volts, whichever is less).Category A test level is 600 volts.

RTCA/DO-160 provides standard procedures and environmental test criteria for testing airborne equipment for the entire spectrum of aircraft from light, general aviation aircraft and helicopters through the "jumbo jets" and SST categories of aircraft. The tests outlined in this standard are performed to meet FAA and international regulations for electrical and electronic equipment installed on commercial aircraft.

RTCA/DO-160 G is the current version of this standard. Coordinated with EUROCAE, RTCA/DO-160G and EUROCAE/ED-14G are identically worded. DO-160G is recognized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as de facto international standard ISO-7137.

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