ATEC BLOG:  Jamison Berg and Gabe Alcala to Speak at EMC+SIPI 2017


The IEE EMC+SIPI Symposium, perhaps the most highly anticipated EMC event of the year, is just around the corner. Hosted in our nation’s capital, the 2017 Electromagnetic Compatibility and Signal and Power Integrity Symposium will once again provide education that spans training sessions, interactive workshops and tutorials, experiments, demonstrations, as well as socializing and networking opportunities. Like years prior, Advanced Test Equipment Rentals will have a booth at the symposium. This year, however, we are excited to announce that two of our esteemed colleagues, Jamison Berg and Gabe Alcala, will be presenting a speaker session and live demo.

Jamison.jpgJamison, an ATEC Electrical Engineer, along with the help of Gabe, one of our esteemed Business Developers, will present a discussion titled "Hands-On Verification of EMC Transients Waveforms: CE, Automotive, MIL-STD-461." Their demonstration will outline several pre-testing verifications of transients often seen in EMC testing, how to certify your own products, calibration and verification of waveforms, and what to expect during tests such as Surge, Electronic Fast Transient (EFT), and Ring Wave. Jamison and Gabe will also walk the audience through how to verify MIL-STD-46 CS115 & CS116 waveforms.

Jamison, who's grown up immersed in the world of test equipment and EMC test needs, is eager to share the knowledge he’s gained from working in the ATEC lab. Having focused heavily on the theory of R.F. design while studying Electrical Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona, Jamison has dedicated a substantial amount of his training and career to becoming an expert in the field of EMC testing and waveform verifications.

Gabriel_Alcala2_web.jpgThough he is a Business Developer, Gabe began his career with ATEC working in the lab and getting hands-on experience with a variety of EMC technology. That knowledge and curiosity is what makes him an asset, and why he and Jamison are both valuable speakers to hear at EMC+SIPI 2017.

"Our goal during this presentation is to streamline testing for engineers, and maybe even help them shave time off their testing. We're going to accomplish that by troubleshooting these tests live, and going over best practices to follow and known issues they can avoid," Jamison said. Along with the help of Gabe, Jamison will walk the audience through an automated calibration demo, as well as work through the testing for IEC 61000-4, 5, and 11, which are applicable to more than just commercial use. "IEC 61000-4, 5, and 11 can be used for automotive, military, and aerospace testing as well," Gabe said.

You can catch their demonstration at the EMC+SIPI Symposium on Tuesday, August 8 from 10AM-12PM EST.