After 25 Years, RadMan is Still the First Choice for Telstra, Australia

After 25 Years, RadMan is Still the First Choice for Telstra, Australia

The Narda family is already optimistic for the possibilities that 2021 may bring, while celebrating the 25-year history between Telstra and the RadMan warning device.

After 25 years of use, the Narda RadMan is still preferred in Australia.

RadMan, still the first choice for Telstra, Australia, even after 25 years

The first RadMan came on to the market some 25 years ago. Back then, Narda was still known as Wandel & Goltermann Safety Test Solutions. To optimize the design of the RadMan to meet user requirements, the company asked telecommunications operators around the globe for their input. This also included in-depth discussions with the Australian network operator Telstra.

Telstra is still Telstra, although Wandel & Goltermann is now known worldwide as Narda Safety Test Solutions. But despite a name change, the companies have maintained that helpful relationship, with the RadMan 2 developed from the original RadMan. Many in the two teams on both sides of the world are still active and in touch with each other. So, it comes as no surprise that RadMan 2 also contains DNA from Telstra.

Telstra has always been a pioneer in workplace safety and emphasizes the need for their staff working on radio towers to be certain that antennas are actually turned off before they start to climb the equipment. That’s why Narda implemented the “tone search function” in the RadMan 2XT. This gives proof of whether the antenna is switched off or not. This is just one example of what's called global cooperation – over generations.

As a result, the RadMan 2 also received a “preferred product” status from Telstra just like its predecessor.

If you would like to watch how Telstra’s engineers use their RadMan devices in everyday work, just take a look at the video below.

Using an updated SRM-3006 in the field.


Here's to a better 2021

The holiday season and the approaching new year once more give us the opportunity to review the past year and make plans for the new one. 2020 was in every respect an unusual year that will no doubt remain in our memories for a long time to come. Just as many families will come together over the holidays to celebrate, the SignalShark family has this message for you:

The Handheld, Remote, and new baby Outdoor wish you happy holidays and a joyous new year. Stay safe and healthy.

Narda's many spectrum analyzers helped users keep up during a crazy year.

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