Narda STS NEWS: EF 0692 and SignalShark

Narda STS NEWS: EF 0692 and SignalShark

We are pleased to share the latest edition of the Narda STS NEWS.

This blog will cover the following topics:
  • NEW: EF 0692 – band-limited 6 GHz probe for NBM
  • Near field probes
  • SignalShark: Scripting requires remote control option
  • NEW: Area Monitors: New software, configuration software, and new datasheet

EF 0692 – band-limited 6 GHz probe for NBM 

Narda Safety Test Solutions is expanding the range of probes on offer for the NBM-500 family with the new broadband probe designated EF 0692. The Narda EF 0692 has been developed for the mobile communications market, specifically for applications where the influence of broadcast signals needs to be suppressed. The band limiting for this probe ensures that only E fields in the frequency range from 600 MHz to 6 GHz are measured, without the need for a spectrum analyzer. The sensitivity of the probe decreases rapidly below 600 MHz, providing good attenuation of broadcast signals. 

  • Measurement of field exposure due to cellular and WLAN signals 
  • Suppression of broadcast signals below 600 MHz 
  • Isotropic (non-directional) measurement 
  • 70 dB dynamic range without measurement range switching 
  • High measurement sensitivity from 0.2 V/m 

Narda EF 0692

The EF 0692 probe can be ordered immediately under article number 2402/20B. Get the Narda EF 0692 datasheet here.

Near field probes

Narda STS occasionally receives requests for near field probes as measuring accessories in connection with the IDA and SignalShark products. Near field probes are used for contactless measurement of signals or the radiation that they produce in the direct vicinity of printed circuit boards or modules. Near field probes are thus often offered by providers of compliance / pre-compliance EMC measuring systems.


Narda SignalShark: Scripting requires remote control option

In Narda's last Newsletter / News Ticker, Narda reported on the scripting function of the Narda SignalShark. In this context, scripting means that the SignalShark executes a sequence of remote control commands. In particular, with its integrated Win 10 PC, the SignalShark can in this way remote control itself. However, if you want this remote control, you must activate the Remote option in the SignalShark. This is included with the Remote-Unit 3320, but the Remote option 3310/95.012 must be ordered in addition to the handheld version 3310 if you want to use this feature. 

The need for further options will depend on the programmed script. For example: if you want to stream IQ data, you will also need the option 3310/95.014, and so on. The Remote option is always needed, however, if you want to run scripts.

Area Monitors: New software and configuration software

Now available for download from the Narda STS website.

New versions of the PC software for the Area Monitors AMS-8061 and AMS-8063 are now available on the Narda STS website:

The current version 1.04 of the Configurator is also available on the Narda STS website. The Configurator assists you to configure the AMB-8059 and AMS-8061 monitoring stations. In the new version, the SIM block has been corrected for the eventuality that the PUK code is requested before the PIN code.

Narda STS has updated the datasheets for the Narda EMF Monitor AMB-8059 and the Area Monitor System AMB-8059 Car Mounting Kit option. Download the Narda EMF Monitor AMB-8059 datasheet.

  • New power box for options /01 and /03 with DC power supply starting from serial number 170WY.
  • Two wire USB cable, part number 210.500.046 usable from serial number 170WY
  • New IP66 kit adapter (optional accessory), part number 650.000.310
  • New EP-1B-08 probe
Get the updated datasheet for the Area Monitor System AMB-8059 Car Mounting Kit option by clicking here

  • New probes EP-1B-05, EP-1B-06 and EP-1B-08 also for mobile applications