Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC) Will Carry The Megger TRAX

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC) Will Carry The Megger TRAX
Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC)—a global leader in the renting, leasing and selling of equipment for the commissioning and maintaining of substations, power transformers, switchgear, high voltage power lines and a variety of other tests—has entered into an agreement with Megger to carry the Megger TRAX Transformer and Substation Test System.

The Megger TRAX is a multi-function test system for electrical transformer substation testing. Electrical substations are a crucial part of commercial or utility power conversion and maintenance. The TRAX performs tests for a variety of applications: power transformers, current transformers (CT), voltage transformers (VT), resistance testing, circuit breaker testing, primary testing, protective relays and AC insulation testing. The Megger TRAX has a maximum AC current output capability of 200 A to 800 A and is capable of reaching 2000 A when additional attachment is used. The included transformer winding resistance measurements have test currents up to 100 A true DC at up to 50 V compliance voltage.

The Megger TRAX is a portable compact substation test system. The unit weighs 70 pounds when in its transport case. It is user friendly, and eliminates the need for multiple test kits. The Megger TRAX user is able to manually create a test setup with a specific sequence of tests, and customized results. The Megger TRAX can output results as separate individual tests or combine the data.

"We are excited to offer the Megger TRAX for rent to our customers," said Reda Benhouhou, Electrical Team Leader at Advanced Test Equipment Rentals. "In the past, you would need one piece of equipment to measure winding resistance, and another product for tap-changer testing. The Megger TRAX can do all that, and more."

ATEC provides opportunities for companies to utilize the latest in test and measurement equipment like the ­­Megger TRAX for short and long term projects.