ATEC BLOG:  Environmental Simulation: Environmental Chambers and Temperature Forcing Systems (TFS) Overview

By the end of this video you will have a clear understanding of what temperature forcing systems (TFS) and environmental chambers are capable of and how you can benefit from them. First let’s focus on what Environmental testing consist of.

Design validation testing is done to ensure that a product will function in a normal environment it will encounter in its life cycle. It is spec driven and can be done in the R&D phase or production phase. Devices must pass the test and meet specs without any failures.

Product validation ensures that the product meets requirements, specs, and regulations for which the product is intended. Product validation procedures use simulations similar to those of design validation to expose faults and failures.

Environmental stress screening uses a variety of different stresses such as thermal cycling to force latent defects in a newly manufactured or repaired product. The surviving products have a higher reliability than similar unscreened units.

Product life cycle testing simulates real-world stresses in order to predict the lifespan of a product. Remember to check out our inventory of temperature forcing systems (TFS) and environmental chambers by clicking the link in the description. Advanced Test equipment rentals offers bench-top and floor standing chambers designed for these types of testing from top manufacturers such as Cincinnati Sub-Zero, Espec, Tenney, and Temptronic.

Renting temperature forcing systems (TFS) and environmental chambers will help you:
  • Improve product reliability and quality
  • Reduce warranty costs
  • Increase profitability
  • Have a competitive advantage
It is important to test products for reliability. Ensuring products can reliably withstand harsh environment conditions will reduce costs associated with recalls and warranties. Product testing also provides a competitive advantage by assisting in designing and manufacturing a more robust product that is ready for consumer use. Temperature forcing systems (TFS) and environmental chambers are used in many industries such as Defense, Aerospace, consumer electronics, automotive, and telecommunications. Electronic equipment that is sold in the market will need product testing to ensure that it will properly work in any climate it encounters.

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