ATEC BLOG:  Bench & Lab Testing 5G and IoT Enabled Devices: Where Did All the Lab Space Go?

We know you've heard of all the buzz about 5G, so ETS-Lindgren is here to clarify things. Enjoy their presentation on Bench & Lab Testing 5G and IoT Enabled Devices.

View ETS-Lindgren instruments.

If you haven’t been asked if adding some sort of wireless interface is possible for one of your company’s products, just wait. Wireless enabled products are now so common that it is considered for even the most mundane items. The predictions are for wireless to reach literally any product as Internet of Things (IoT) and Gbps 5G mobile devices seek killer app status. So regardless of your area of engineering expertise, wireless is likely to become a topic of discussion, if not so currently. This session will cover why 5G and IoT devices will require significant changes to the lab, outline available solutions, and provide basic facts targeted toward software, hardware and EMC engineers. RF engineers are welcome to chime in as well.