RF Power Amplifier Industry

RF Power Amplifier Industry

There is quite an assortment of rf power amplifiers out on the market to choose from. The main types of amps are Solid State and Traveling Wave Tube or TWT amplifiers. These amps allow for continuous wave or pulse power testing, and there are a variety of choices in frequency range or output power levels.

We carry a variety to choose from with different variation, because every test is different

RF amplifiers are used in various industries like communications, radar, aerospace, defense, medical and many others. Engineers and technicians rely on RF amplifiers for product testing to verify functionality, which must be successfully accomplished before products can be sold. These Amplifiers can help achieve Radiated Immunity test standards such as:
  • MIL-STD-461G RS103 – for Radiated Susceptibility and Electric Field Testing
  • IEC 61000-4-3 – For Radiated, Radio-Frequency, electromagnetic field immunity testing and meets Radio Equipment Directive regulations
Here at ATEC, we carry a wide variety of microwave and RF power amplifiers built on solid state or TWT technology and carry many of the top manufacturers like:
  • Amplifier Research
  • AE Techron
  • Instruments for Industry (IFI)
  • Empower RF Systems
These power amplifiers can increase your testing capabilities beyond 200 volts per meter, with frequency ranges up to 40 Gigahertz.