Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC) Now Rents the Pacific Power Source AFX Series

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC) Now Rents the Pacific Power Source AFX Series
Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC) is a global leader in renting power sources and programmable loads for a wide variety of applications. ATEC has entered into an agreement with Pacific Power Source to carry a fleet of new 3150 AFX Sources for short and long term rentals.

The new Pacific Power Source AFX Series revolutionary design allows it to output 15kVA at only 4U (7") height. Able to output both AC and DC power, the 3150 AFX is preprogrammed with a large test standard database making testing a wide variety of products for military, aviation, smartgrid, automotive, and several other test categories easier.

The 3150 AFX can be combined in parallel with more than one unit for rentals up to 60kVA. This gives rental customers the flexibility to have the right size power source to fit each unique application. The LCD touchscreen display allows user to easily control and analyze the AC or DC power output. The machine also has an embedded web server & LXI LAN interface which provides an easy to set up computer interface that only requires a web browser. In addition, the AC/DC source can also safeguard the user's equipment under test from damage by providing enhanced protection modes such as constant voltage, constant current, peak current, true power, apparent power, and over voltage protections.

"We are pleased to offer the Pacific Power 3150 AFX for rent to our customers. It has advanced features that make the testing process simpler, and with its small form factor we are sure it will be a hit with our rental customers for years to come," said Gabriel Alcala, Business Development Manager at Advanced Test Equipment Rentals. "Normally customers would have to acquire much larger power sources to get power levels this high. The fact that the AFX series is so small means less shipping costs and a smaller footprint. Also the 3150 AFX compliments our other Pacific Power Source products, like the popular linear AMX Series and the high output 3060-MS series."