Cellphone Signals Only, Please!

Cellphone Signals Only, Please!

When it comes to safety or quality of life, wireless communications always seem to be in the spotlight. That’s no doubt because wireless technology has meant that antenna arrays are installed correctly in the neighborhood. If you want or need to determine the electromagnetic field strength to assess the current situation, you need to decide whether to make broadband or selective measurements. Broadband measurements have the advantage of generally being faster, easier, and less expensive. The result, though, is “all-inclusive”, i.e. it is the total exposure level consisting of broadcast, cellphone, and other services.

If you only wanted the total level due to cellphone services, you would have had to make use of selective test equipment. But, Narda may have found an answer for this problem.

The band-limited EF0692 Probe for the Narda NBM-550 appears to finally be the solution for broadband measurements.

The aim so far has been for a broadband probe with as wide a bandwidth as possible. With the new EF0692 Probe, however, the focus is on definitively excluding broadcast signals. Expressed in figures, this probe covers the frequency range from 600 MHz to 6 GHz, so it measures all cellphone and WiFi frequencies perfectly. However, a 100 MHz VHF transmitter will be suppressed by more than 30 dB (or a factor of 1000 in terms of power).

So, it’s quick, easy, and economical, just as already mentioned. It really is child’s play now to make sure that the wireless services are within safe limits.

You can find the datasheet for the EF0692 Probe here.

If you’re unsure whether a broadband or a selective measurement solution is the right one for your needs, contact us for advice and we will be happy to assist you.

No worries

Quality, yes, but not unbreakable. Unfortunately, sometimes customers have had to point out the poor flight characteristics of a Narda measuring device.

Not a bird, or a plane, due to gravity if the device falls from a 150-meter high radio tower, it will make a crash landing which can result in a few scratches. This has been the unfortunate fate of a few Narda instruments. To prevent such things from happening, Narda does supply safety wrist straps.

But we all know that accidents don’t just happen, they are caused. And when they do, it’s vital that the instrument is the only falling object. Although, a mishap of this kind isn’t something that falls under the guarantee.

Which brings us to the point: Guarantee, extended guarantee, repairs, calibration, spare parts, and so on. You can find all you need to know about this subject in Narda's service flyer.

For example, have you heard about Narda's Maintenance Package? Take a look at the new service flyer. In it, you’ll also find details of where to order a new wrist strap, if you’ve lost the original one.

20 Years of Narda

When a classic Hidden Champion gets to 20 years old, that’s always a good time to take a quiet look back at the success story behind it. Many of the important milestones in the now two-decades-old history of the company have, as the name suggests, been largely hidden from view. Narda Safety Test Solutions has quietly but steadily developed into one of the world’s leading technology companies for measuring equipment for electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields (EMF). And the story so far is really worth a look.

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