Narda STS Turns 20 and New Updates for SignalShark

Narda STS Turns 20 and New Updates for SignalShark
Narda released a few updates and additions for their SignalShark series, but first, the manufacturer is celebrating a momentous anniversary this year.

Narda STS – A Hidden Champion turns 20 years old

When a classic Hidden Champion gets to 20 years old, that’s always a good time to look back at the success story behind it. 

That’s even true for people with a thorough inside knowledge of the field, since many of the important milestones in the now two-decades-old history of the company have, as the name suggests, been largely hidden from view.

Narda Safety Test Solutions has quietly but steadily developed into one of the world’s leading technology companies for measuring equipment for electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields (EMF). And the story so far is worth a look.

Check out Narda’s press release celebrating the milestone here.

SignalShark – What’s New


Narda STS updated the firmware for the SignalShark 3310/3320, with package now available for download on the company’s website.
  • SignalShark Firmware Update Package
  • SignalShark System Update Package OS-2-0-7 FW 1-6-0
The new firmware includes the following adjustments/additions:
  • VITA 49.2 FFT streaming
  • SCPI commands for controlling and querying the “Persistence View”
  • Spectrogram markers: Frequency / Time selection by tapping the marker label
  • Warning message when the device is overmodulated
  • New touch-operated volume control
  • If “Level Meter View” is the active focus, pressing the antenna handle button executes the “Run” or “Hold/Stop” function
  • Bug fixes
Click here for a direct link to download the update package. An updated command reference guide is also now available to download for the SignalShark series. For a direct link to the new Command Reference Guide click here.


Area Monitor AMB-8059 and AMS-8061 Updates

A new PC software release for the multiband Area Monitor AMB-8059 (Version 1.46) can now be downloaded via the Narda website. Click here for a direct link to the updated software.

There’s also an updated version of the EMF GPS Logger PC Software (AMB8059/00 Car Mounting Kit Option) available for download here.

Software for the Area Monitor AMS-8061 also received an update, which can be downloaded directly here.


EHP-200: New Firmware Release EHP200-TS

EHP-TS, the control, display, and evaluation software for the EHP-50 and EHP-200, runs on any PC, notebook, or UMPC using the Windows operating system. This makes the EHP-50 and EHP-200 an ideal solution for on-site precision spectrum analysis. Optical cables can be used to bridge distances between the analyzer and PC of up to 40 meters. By using the optical/electrical converter 8053-OC, it's even possible to reach distances of up to 80 meters.

Click here for the updated Version 2.05 of the EHP200-TS firmware, which is available now for download.

Quality Management ISO Audit for ISO 9001 : 2015 Passed

Once more, Narda has successfully passed the quality management ISO audit for ISO 9001 : 2015. For a direct link to the certificate from the Narda website, click here.