New Line of Solid State RF and Microwave Power Amplifiers by Advanced Amplifiers

Press Release: New Line of Solid State RF and Microwave Power Amplifiers by Advanced Amplifiers

Advanced Test Equipment Corporation (ATEC), today announced the launch of a new line of RF and microwave power amplifiers. Advanced Amplifiers is a provider of next generation solid state RF power amplifiers and microwave amplifiers, offering continuous wave and pulse amplifiers with a variety of frequencies and power. Launched by Advanced Test Equipment Corp., a rental and sales industry leader in test and measurement equipment technology, Advanced Amplifiers offers “state-of-the-art” technology to a variety of industries. 

The Advanced Amplifiers line of ultra-high linearity amplifiers revolutionizes RF power amplifier design with their unique high-power density and small size form factor, high energy efficiency and simple front panel and remote operation.  Advanced Amplifiers standalone or rack mounted units that carry a variety of choices in frequency range and output power levels. Advanced Amplifiers product line consists of units that provide frequency from 10kHz to 40GHz. Advanced Amplifiers amps are also versatile, providing test engineers with an amplifier selection optimized for EMC, RF Communications, Electronic Warfare and Radar applications.
Every Advanced Amplifier product is built with all solid state technology, which enhances energy efficiency. The high linearity and quick heat dissipation set Advanced Amplifier test systems apart from other solid state amplifiers. All models are built with a class AB linear design allowing for more efficient power output and less heat generation. Advanced Amplifiers are ideal for EMC testing, especially in applications which call for an instantaneous bandwidth and high reliability and ruggedness.
“Introducing Advanced Amplifiers is a stepping stone for the company. Advanced Amplifiers products provide custom solutions with variations in frequency range and output power, allowing the user to perform their test with ease”, stated Jim Berg, CEO of Advanced Test Equipment Corporation. “Having the right options when it comes to RF power amplifiers is essential to meeting all of our customers need, and now with Advanced Amplifiers we can support our customers completely.”

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals will continue to supply all the major brands of RF and microwave amplifiers.

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