Press Release: Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Extends the Rental Line of Environmental Simulation Equipment

San Diego, CA - Advanced Test Equipment Rentals today announced their extension of environmental simulation equipment to their inventory of test and measurement equipment with environmental chambers, motion testing, specialty chambers, and temperature testing units.

Willem Warmbold, Environmental Simulation Manager at ATEC
Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC) is a leader in the test and measurement equipment rental market by providing instruments that help customers meet industry standards. The demand for environmental testing equipment has pushed Advanced Test Equipment Rentals to broaden the inventory of environmental chambers, motion testing, specialty chambers, and temperature testing units.

Environmental chambers, specialty chambers, recirculating chillers, and temperature forcing systems help industry experts ensure that products meet requirements, specs, and regulations for which the product is intended. Professionals in the defense, aerospace, consumer electronics, automotive, and telecommunications industries benefit from environmental simulation equipment in the research and development or production phase of a product. By providing more environmental simulation inventory than ever before, Advanced Test Equipment Rentals will play a vital role in the manufacturing industry.

“We pride ourselves in the amount of environmental simulation inventory we possess, and the additional units will help us serve more customers than ever before” said Willem Warmbold, environmental simulation manager at Advanced Test Equipment Rentals. “Test engineers and technicians alike now have greater options and availability of chambers, temperature forcing units and other test equipment at their fingertips so they can get what they need in a short turnaround time.”

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About Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC)
Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC), founded in 1981, is a leading high-tech equipment rental company that provides short and long-term rental solutions for testing, analysis, inspection, measurement, monitoring, simulation, and powering. ATEC also offers calibration services and has capabilities of certifying and commissioning equipment to the aerospace, automotive, biomedical, communications, consumer electronics, defense, environmental, engineering, marine, power grid, transportation and compliance testing companies. ATEC is ISO-9001 certified, and ISO 17025 accredited in calibration.

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