ATEC Introduces New Advanced Amplifier AA-700M6G-300 RF Power Amplifier to Rental Inventory

Press Release: ATEC Introduces New Advanced Amplifier AA-700M6G-300 RF Power Amplifier to Rental Inventory

SAN DIEGO, CA. December 16, 2019 – Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC), today introduces the new Advanced Amplifiers AA-700M6G-300 RF power amplifier to their extensive inventory line of rental equipment. ATEC, an industry leader in the rentals and sales of test and measurement equipment, and equipment calibration service provider, is the exclusive rental company of Advanced Amplifiers, the manufacturer of state-of-the-art solid-state RF power amplifiers.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals offers rentals of Advanced Amplifiers high performance RF power amplifier and now their best of breed, the AA-700M6G-300 solid-state continuous wave amplifier with power up to 300W and a frequency range from 700 MHz to 6 GHz will be available to customers. The AA-700M6G-300 is part of Advanced Amplifiers line of ultra-high linearity amplifiers that are revolutionizing RF power amplifier design with their unique high-power density, small size form factor, and high energy efficiency with simple front panel and remote operations.

The Advanced Amplifier AA-700M6G-300 is built with a class AB linear design allowing for more efficient power output and less heat generation. The AA-700M6G-300 can standalone or may be rack mounted, and is ideal for test engineers with EMC, RF communications, electronic warfare, radar and other applications which call for instantaneous bandwidth, high reliability and ruggedness.

“We are so happy to be offering such a robust amplifier like the Advanced Amplifiers AA-700M6G-300 in our rental inventory,” stated Richard Russo, marketing manager at Advanced Test Equipment Rental. “We can finally give customers what they have been asking for in an amplifier, great frequency range and high power in a low profile.”

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