Advanced Test Equipment Corporation Introduces the SignalShark by Narda Safety Test Solutions

Press Release: Advanced Test Equipment Corporation Introduces the SignalShark by Narda Safety Test Solutions

San Diego, CA. - Today, Advanced Test Equipment Corporation (ATEC) announced it will now offer SignalShark RF Direction Finding and Interference Analyzers by Narda Safety Test Solutions. ATEC, the official U.S., and Mexico distributor, and the only authorized U.S. service center for calibration and repair of Narda STS equipment, will be renting, selling, calibrating, and servicing SignalShark Analyzers.

The Narda STS SignalShark is an analyzer for the detection, analysis, classification, and localization of RF signals between 8 kHz and 8 GHz. The SignalShark line of products comes in two different versions, a handheld version (model 3310) and a remote version (model 3320).

Both SignalShark 3310 and 3320 models are compatible with fully automatic wideband Directional Finding Antennas (ADFA) that quickly locate the most elusive RF emitters. The SignalShark 3310 offers even more options with four manual DF antennas that cover the entire frequency range of the SignalShark. Narda SignalShark 3320 models are available as stand-alone units (table-top or in-system), single or double for installation in a 1U 19" rack. The Remote Analyzer type is optimal for remote control applications or installation into DF vehicles with the ADFA.

“We are proud to be able to provide the high-performance SignalShark line of products to our customer base,” stated Jamison Berg, Director of Sales and Marketing at Advanced Test Equipment Corporation. “Customers will be excited to hear that they can now get the SignalShark by Narda STS for all RF signal purposes.”

New sales, rentals, calibrations, and repairs of Narda STS SignalShark equipment are available here.

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