AstroNova UNIV-6 Module

AstroNova UNIV-6 Module
6-Channel Universal Module Voltage and DC Bridge (accepts up to 250 Vrms).
UNIV-6 General Specifications
Channels (per module) 6
Maximum Sample Rate
(per channel)
800 kHz (400 kHz with TMX-E)
Isolation 250 VRMS or DC, Cat II
UNIV-6 Isolated Single Ended Voltage Input
Maximum Bandwidth Up to 100 kHz
Input Type Isolated, AC/DC coupled
Specified Ranges 200 mVFS to 800 VFS
UNIV-6 Isolated Differential Voltage Input/Bridge Measurements
Maximum Bandwidth 50 kHz
Input Type Differential, DC coupled
Specified Ranges 5 mVFS to 2 VFS
Excitation Isolated 10 V at 30 mA