AC/DC EL750B Dynamic Load 55V, 150A, 750W

AC/DC EL750B Dynamic Load
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Manual EL750B Datasheet Specifications
55V, 150A, 750W, DC Electronic Load
ACDC EL750B Specs
Voltage Range 1.8 VDC - 55 VDC
Current Range 0 - 150 Amps
Maximum Loading Power 750 Watts
Operating Mode Constant Current or Constant Resistance
Dynamic Loading Allows switching between two current levels at a switch selected rate of - 1 kHz or two times input line frequency
Remote Programming (Constant Current) 0 - 10 Volts is equal to 0 - 150 Amps
Meter Ranges Voltmeter:0 - 60 VDC; Ammeter:0-10-50-100-200 Amps
Protection Circuits Electronic circuit limits power dissipation to 750 Watts. Load shuts down in the event of an overvoltage. Thermal sensors shut off load in the event of an overtemperature condition
Cooling Forced air cooling integral in design