Adtech SX/12-1 Data Link Simulator

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Rent Adtech SX/12-1 Data Link Simulator
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Adtech SX/12-1
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SX/12-1 Datasheet
The Adtech SX/12-1 Data Link Simulator creates the same delay and error characteristics caused by long distance terrestrial and satellite data links. By providing realistic simulations of actual network conditions, they allow users to stress test equipment and network applications without the expense and inconsistency inherent with on-line testing.
Utilizing dual-channel, full-duplex interfaces, these devices provide true bi-directional testing using programmable delays, random bit errors, and burst errors. Multiple delay and error events can be programmed into complex sequences to simulate a wide variety of adverse link conditions or even specific events such as targeting line framing bits and testing CPE alarm thresholds.
Each SX/12-1 simulator is housed in a rack mountable chassis and uses interchangeable plug-in modules to support various data channel (physical) interfaces. The front panel includes an LCD display and keypads for user input and control. All front panel functions can also be accessed remotely via an optional IEEE-488 or RS-232 remote control port. Other hardware options providing additional delay and error simulation capabilities are also available.
Adtech SX/12-1 Specs
Type of Channel Full-duplex digital link
Error Generation Random (Gaussian) bit error rates from 0, 1 x 10-9, 2 x 10-9, 3 x 10-9, ... 9 x 10-1, 1
Optional targeting of errors at specific bits and subchannels of formatted streams.
Burst Error Generation Burst error rates from 9 x 10-1 to 1.0 x 10-9
Selectable burst length from 1 to 16,777,215 bits or from 1 to 9,999 ms
Selectable gap between bursts from 1  to  99,999,999  ms
Burst Error modes Fixed gap length, fixed burst length
Random gap length, fixed burst length
Fixed gap length, random burst length
Random gap length, random burst length Manual burst trigger, fixed burst length
Manual burst trigger, random burst length
Delay Generation Delays up to 10 seconds in 1 ms or 8 bit steps Optional targeting of delays at specific subchannels of formatted streams
Adtech SX/12-1 Accessories
  • Extended T1 (1.544 Mb/s)/E1 (G.703 2.048 Mbps) Simulation Option