Advantest R9211B High Performance Spectrum Analyzer

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The Advantest R9211B High Performance Spectrum Analyzer is a portable high performance digital spectrum analyzer which gathers the essence of Advantest's accumulated technologies such as usage of dedicated LSI circuits and high density mounting technology as well as development of circuits with low power consumption. The R9211B is one of 4 types so that the best choice can be made to suit the application. The other types are the economical R9211E; the R9211A capable of running zoom; and the R9211C which can do servo analysis as well as curve fitting and frequency response function synthesis. All these types have the wide measurement frequency range of 10 mHz to 100 kHz, a high 16-bit resolution and a wide dynamic range of 90 dB (typical value). The R9211B also has a function which allows variation of the frequency resolution from 25 to 800 lines.