AE-Techron 7796HC DC - 30 kHz Power Amplifier, 6600 Watts

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Rent AE-Techron 7796-HC DC - 30 kHz Power Amplifier, 6600 Watts
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AE Techron 7796-HC
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7796-HC Datasheet
The AE Techron 7796 amplifier is a high-powered, DC-enabled unit designed to provide clean, reliable power for gradient coils in magnetic resonance imaging systems or in applications that require both significant short-term (burst) and long-term (continuous) power. A single 7796 has an output capability of over 210 amperes peak at its rated voltage. If more current is needed, up to four amplifiers can be combined in parallel and operate as a single system. The 7796 can operate in either voltage or current mode and features robust output devices and a power range of over 6600 watts RMS. It provides very low noise and fast slew rates, and can safely drive a wide range of resistive, inductive loads. Typical use includes as a self-contained, general purpose amplifier or combined into systems for doing three-phase or high-current testing required in ANSI-T1-315-2001 or MIL-STD-704.
AE Techron 7796-HC Features
  • Over 22,000 watts peak for 40 mSec and 8,000 watts peak continuous into a 0.5-ohm load.
  • 40 mSec pulses of up to 209 amperes peak into a 0.5-ohm load.
  • System output of over 650 volts and 250 amperes maximum are possible with multiple, interconnected amplifiers.
  • Frequency bandwidth of DC to 50 kHz at rated power, DC to 100 kHz at reduced power.
  • Rugged chassis for stand-alone or rack mounted operation. No additional power supplies are required.
  • Protection circuitry protects the AE Techron 7796 from input overloads, improper output connection (including shorted and improper loads), over-temperature, over-current, and supply voltages that are too high or low.
  • 7796 with “P” option offers precision control of output offset, DC drift and gain linearity.
  • Shipped ready to operate from 208-volt (±10%) three-phase AC mains. Operation from 400-volt (±10%) AC mains are available on request.
AE Techron 7796-HC Standards
ANSI-T1-315-2001 and MIL-STD-704