AE-Techron 7796HC DC - 30 kHz Power Amplifier, 6600 Watts

Rent AE-Techron 7796-HC DC - 30 kHz Power Amplifier, 6600 Watts
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AE Techron 7796-HC
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7796-HC Datasheet
The AE-Techron 7796HC DC - 30 kHz Power Amplifier, 6600 Watts is a DC-enabled unit optimized for high-power, continuous operation into very-low-impedance loads. A single 7796HC has an output capability of up to 200 amperes peak. If more current is needed, up to four amplifiers can be combined in parallel and operate as a single system. The 7796HC can operate in either voltage or current mode. It provides very low noise and fast slew rates, and can safely drive a wide range of resistive, inductive loads. Typical use includes as a power source for EMC testing in applications that require both continuous AC or DC signals and significant short term (burst) signals (DO-160 Section 18, MIL 461, and MIL 704).
AE Techron 7796-HC Features
  • 40 mSec pulses of up to 157 amperes peak into a 0.25-ohm load.
  • System output of over 600 amperes maximum are possible with multiple, interconnected amplifiers.
  • Frequency bandwidth of DC to 75 kHz at rated power, DC to 150 kHz at reduced power.
  • Rugged chassis for stand-alone or rack mounted operation. No additional power supplies are required.
  • Protection circuitry protects the AE Techron 7796HC from input overloads, improper output connection (including shorted and improper loads), over-temperature, over-current, and supply voltages that are too high or low.
  • Shipped ready to operate from 208-volt (±10%) three-phase AC mains. NOTE: 400 VAC version not available.
AE Techron 7796-HC Standards
DO-160 Section 18, MIL 461, and MIL 704