AEMC MiniFlex Probe 300-10-2-10-HF Current Measurement Probe

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Rent AEMC MiniFlex Probe 300-10-2-10-HF Current Measurement Probe
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AEMC Instruments 300-10-2-10-HF
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5 to 1MHz, Current Measurement Probe
AEMC Instruments 300-10-2-10-HF Features
  • Measures from 0.5Arms to 300Arms
  • Accuracy 1% of Reading ± 0.3A
  • TRMS measurements when connected to a TRMS instrument
  • No Core saturation or damage if overloaded
  • 9V battery for typical 140 hour continuous operation
  • 1MHz frequency response
  • Low phase shift for power measurements
  • Insensitive to DC, measures only AC component on DC + AC signals
  • Excellent linearity
  • Lightweight
  • Sensor is resistant to oils and aliphatic hyrocarbons
  • Perfect Accessory for all oscilloscopes
AEMC Instruments 300-10-2-10-HF Specs
Range 30/300A
Signal Output 100mV/10mV/A
Frequency Range 5 to 1MHz @ -3dB
Influence of Conductor Positioning 1.5% typical, 3% max
Influence of Conductor Positiong in Sensor Against Handle 4% typical, 6% max
External Conductor Influence 35 dB to 40dB on contact
Power Source 9V Akline battery (6LF22)