AEMC 3620 Ground Resistance Tester

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AEMC 3620 Ground Resistance Tester
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AEMC Instruments 3620
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3620 Datasheet Accessory Kit

The AEMC Analog Ground Resistance Tester 3620 performs ground resistance measurements from 0.5 ohms to 1000 ohms with speed and accuracy.The 3620 features three-terminal operation for Fall-of-Potential earth/ground resistance and also may be used for 2-Point tests.The large 3.1" logarithmic analog scale is easy to read, with a separate marking for 25 ohms. A large Press-to-Measure button allows for easy measurements. A manual zero adjust is provided for accurate readings. Color-coded binding post terminals are easy-to-use with banana plug and spade lug inputs.

The AEMC Ground Resistance Tester 3620 is the ideal instrument for electrical contractors, power utilities, REAs, telephone and CATV technicians, and inspectors who must check ground to determine compliance with NEC®, OSHA and other specifications.

AEMC Instruments 3620 Features
  • Fall-of-Potential method for 2- and 3-Point ground resistance tests
  • Direct reading on large analog display 0.5 ohms to 1000 ohms and easy 25 ohms readings
  • Large 3.1" (77mm), easy-to-read scale for accurate readings
  • Built-in battery check
  • Three color-coded terminals
  • Large Press-to-Measure button
  • Portable and compact
  • Extremely simple to operate: connect, press, read
  • Designed to reject high levels of noise and interference
AEMC Instruments 3620 Specs
Range 0.5 ohms to 1000 ohms
Resolution 10 mA
Test Current: 10 mA
Resistance Measurement Frequency 128 Hz square wave
Accuracy ±5% of Reading + 0.1% of galvanometer scale length
Auxiliary Electrode Influence Rz 3000 times the reading up to 50 k ohms Ry 50 k ohms
Withstanding Voltage 250 Vrms with spikes of 3000 VAC or 1000 VDC
Power Source Eight 1.5V, AA, Alkaline batteries
Battery Life 1680 15-second tests (approximately)
Fuse Protection: High breaking capacity 0.1A, >250V, 0.25 x 1.25"
Display Analog Pivot movement
Connection Color-coded terminals accept spade lugs with minimum gap of 6mm or standard 4mm banana jacks
Scale 3.1" (77mm) white scale with black pointer; one scale per range
Operating Temperature 14° to 131°F (-10° to 55°C)>
Storage Temperature -40° to 158°F (-40° to 70°C), 0 to 90% RH with batteries removed
Temperature Influence 5% per 10°C
Relative Humidity 20 to 90% maximum
Mechanical Shock IEC 68-2-27
Vibration Test IEC 68-2-6
Drop Test IEC 68-2-32
Environmental O-ring sealed against dust and water to IP50
Rating EN 61010-1, Cat. III, Pollution Degree 2, 24V
Agency Approval Emission: EN 50081-1
Immunity: EN 50082-1
CE Mark Yes