AEMC 3620 Ground Resistance Tester

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The AEMC Analog Ground Resistance Tester 3620 performs ground resistance measurements from 0.5 ohms to 1000 ohms with speed and accuracy.The 3620 features three-terminal operation for Fall-of-Potential earth/ground resistance and also may be used for 2-Point tests.The large 3.1" logarithmic analog scale is easy to read, with a separate marking for 25 ohms. A large Press-to-Measure button allows for easy measurements. A manual zero adjust is provided for accurate readings. Color-coded binding post terminals are easy-to-use with banana plug and spade lug inputs.

The AEMC Ground Resistance Tester 3620 is the ideal instrument for electrical contractors, power utilities, REAs, telephone and CATV technicians, and inspectors who must check ground to determine compliance with NEC®, OSHA and other specifications.