AEMC CA7027 Fault Mapper Pro Industrial Cable Tester

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AEMC CA7027 Fault Mapper Pro Industrial Cable Tester
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AEMC Instruments CA7027
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Manual CA7027 Datasheet
The CA7027 is a hand-held graphical Time Domain Reflectometer designed for locating faults.
AEMC Instruments CA7027 Features
  • 11 range scales indicating cable faults and terminations up to 19,000 ft (6000m) in feet or meters
  • Detects opens, shorts, taps, faulty taps, bridge taps, splitters, high resistance, wet cables, splices and more
  • Identifies impedance mismatches
  • Works with twisted pair, parallel and coaxial cable
  • Selectable cable impedance (25Ω, 50Ω, 75ω, 100Ω)
  • Over-voltage protection up to 250V
  • Adjustable cursor assists in locating faults and termination
  • Built-in tone generator for tracing and locating cables
  • Auto-Ranging scale
  • Large high-visibility blue electroluminescent backlit display
AEMC Instruments CA7027 Specs
Ranges @ Vp=70% 23, 49, 98, 197, 394, 820, 1640, 3280, 6560, 9850, 19000 ft
Resolution: Approximately 1% of selected range
Accuracy: ±1% of range
Range Selection: Automatic range selection against cursor position
Minimum Cable Length: 1.5 ft (0.5m)
Sensitivity Minimum: Minimum 3 pixel return on a fault at 4km on 0.6mm 0, PE, TP
Velocity of Propagation (Vp): Adjustable from 0 to 99% in 1% steps
Output Pulse: +5V into an open circuit
Cable Impedance: Selectable between 25, 50, 75 and 100 ohm
Display Resolution: 128 x 64 pixel graphical LCD
Scan Rate: Single shot or 6.7 pulses per second (selectable)
Auto-Off: After three minutes
Power Supply Four 'AA' Batteries