AEMC OX 7202 III Handheld Oscilloscope

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AEMC OX 7202 Handheld Oscilloscope 200 MHz
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AEMC Instruments OX 7202
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Manual OX 7202 Datasheet Specifications
The AEMC OX 7202 III Handheld Oscilloscope displays 2 channels with a 200MHz bandwidth. A powerful test instrument focused on delivering sharpness and clarity in its display, the large screen and accessible interface make AEMC OX 7202 III models a pleasure to operate. Equipped for both laboratory and field use, the AEMC OX 7202 III utilizes “plug-and-play” accessories, individual measurement channel isolation and a range of remote management capabilities. The AEMC OX 7202 III offers several modes, including Oscilloscope, FFT Analyzer, Multimeter, Harmonic Analyzer and Recorder, and provides a clear view of the wave shape of the signal. When observing two related signals, distortion and timing are displayed in clarity with the option to single out signals on multiple channels. The Ethernet link lets you remotely control the oscilloscope without loading any software to your PC. This portable oscilloscope is designed to operate on a power source from 98 to 264V (ACrms) at 50 to 60Hz or in stand-alone mode with a battery.

The AEMC OX 7202 III Handheld Oscilloscope is the third model in the AEMC OX III Handheld Oscilloscope Series.
AEMC Instruments OX 7202 Features
  • Sampling rate 2.5GS/s in one-shot mode and 100GS/s in ETS mode (repetitive signals)
  • 2 isolated measurement channel and up to 8 traces on screen
  • 2 independent TRMS digital multimeters (8000 counts, 200KHz)
  • LCD touch screen and Windows-like menus on screen
  • Multi-interface communication connectors: RS232, Centronics and Ethernet
  • Memory depth of up to 50,000 points per channel
AEMC Instruments OX 7202 Specs
Interface Isolated USB, and Ethernet, SD micro card for direct transfer to PC software SX Metro, Web server/client) with cursor and automatic measurements
Batteries Rechargeable 9.6V 35000mAh NiMH battery pack, External charger
Charging Time 98 to 264VAC (50/60Hz) 2.3 hours when OFF, 5 hours when operating
Battery Life Approx 4 hours for 2 channels and 2 hours for 4 channels models
Dimensions (L x W x H) 10.4 x 7.7 x 2.2” (265 x 195 x 56mm)
Weight 4.7lbs. (2.1kg)
Altitude Operating 2000m (6560ft)
Operating Temperature 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C) ≤80% RH
Storage Temperature -4° to 140°F (-20° to 60°C)
IP Rating IP51 per IEC 60529
Model Features
OX 7102 III Two isolated channels, 100 MHz bandwidth
OX 7104 III Four isolated channels, 100 MHz bandwidth
OX 7202 III Two isolated channels, 200 MHz bandwidth
OX 7204 III Four isolated channels, 200 MHz bandwidth