Aeroflex RDL DCR-2500A Downconverter for NTS-1000B

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The Aeroflex RDL DCR-2500A Downconverter has the lowest noise available and the levels are low enough, when combined with the NTS-1000B, to measure these extremely low levels.

The DCR-2500A is a unique downconverter in that the LOs inside have extremely low phase noise. There are three overlapping bands in the DCR-2500A that provide continuous frequency coverage between 1 GHz and 3.26 GHz. The output frequency range is bandpass filter limited to between 60 and 700 MHz.

This unit requires only a 0 dBm input level. The DCR-2500A has the gain inside so that an external low-noise amplifier is not required. Conversion gain is a nominal +3 dB and the DCR-2500A output is sufficient to drive the NTS-1000B Phase Noise Analyzer.

The DCR-2500A operates under IEEE-488.2 external control. The user can select a band or just send a frequency and the DCR-2500A will automatically select the correct band. The NTS-1000B has an input screen, also available over the IEEE-488 bus, that inputs the downconverter’s LO frequency. This allows the NTS-1000B to properly interpret its input to display the correct measured frequency. The DCR-2500A extends the measurement speed and convenience of the NTS-1000B into the PCS frequency bands.