AeroVironment ABC-170 Dual Channel Cycling Station with Extended Sink Power

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Rent AeroVironment ABC-170 Dual Channel Cycling Station with Extended Sink Power
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AeroVironment ABC-170
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ABC-170 Datasheet
AeroVironment’s ABC-170 is used to develop and test products that require additional sinking power. The ABC-170 was originally developed to test fuel cells in an energy efficient manner, by returning clean AC power back to the utility grid. AeroVironment’s customers now use this versatile machine to test batteries, hybrids and other electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) applications that require higher discharging capability. All AV power cycling systems are equipped with a real-time clock on the system’s control board that enables measurement of Ah and kWh during cycling.
AeroVironment ABC-170 Features
  • 99% Power Factor
  • Bidirectional Current and Power
  • Reverse Power Flow Returned to Grid
  • Dual Independently Controlled Channels
  • Automatic Shutdown on Loss of Power
  • Independent Channel Interlock
  • Load Disconnect Protection
  • Easy Front Panel Connections
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Set Each Channel Independently in Current, Voltage, Or Power Mode
  • Fully Programmable Computer Control
  • Analog Control Signal Capability
  • Remote Voltage Sensing Capability
  • Multiple User Interfaces: Manual, AV Remote Operating System (ROS), Windows DCOM Driver for LabView, Visual Basic, C++, Studio.NET, CAN
AeroVironment ABC-170 Specs
Input Rating 3 Phase, 240Vrms
Current 370Arms
Frequency 60Hz (50Hz optional)
Isolation Transformer Requires external isolation transformer with
225KVA, 240Vrms secondary
Power Factor > 99%
Harmonic Distortion < 3% THD; IEEE 519 Compliant
Multiple User Interfaces Manual; Remote Operation System (ROS);
DCOM Driver for LabVIEW; C++ and Visual
Basic; CAN