Ailtech 7514 Precision Automatic Noise Figure Indicators

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Ailtech 7514 Precision Automatic Noise Figure Indicators 30 MHz direct input
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Ailtech 7514
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Precision Automatic Noise Figure Indicators
Ailtech 7514 Features
  • Resolution: An expanded meter scale that enables resolution to a few hundredths of a dB
  • Range: Selectable offsets provide full scale ranges 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18 dB preserving the high resolution for most noise figure measurements
  • Dynamic Range: Will provide accurate measurements over an input signal level window of better than 65 dB
  • Level Indicators: LED indicators provide a positive indication that the input signal level is within the instrument's dynamic range
  • ENR Calibration: Permits the user to calibrate the instrument directly from the front panel for a noise generator ENR range of 14.0 to 16.5 dB
Ailtech 7514 Specs
Input Frequency 21.4, 36, 45, 60, 70 and 160 MHz switch selectable
30 MHz direct input/td>
10 MHz to 1000 MHz with an external local oscillator (double side band conversion)
Sensitivity (nominal) -80 dBm @ 30 MHz
-72 dBm @ switch selected frequencies
-66 dBm with external LO
Input Level Range 65 dB minimum
ENR Calibration Range 14.0 dB to 16.5 dB
Noise Source Output Manual On: +28 ±0.1V @ 60 ma. nominal
Manual Off: < 0.5V
Auto: 0 to +28V pulsed, nominal 40% duty cycle
Full Scale Meter Ranges 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 dB
Bandwidth (nominal) - MT7514B 6 MHz at 30 MHz input
3 MHz at all other frequencies
Recorder Output 50 mV nominal at full scale meter deflection, 5 kohm balanced