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The Airthinx Indoor Air Quality IAQ Monitor is a continuous air quality monitoring solution. Utilizing the precision and accuracy of professionally graded instruments, the Airthinx IAQ is designed to improve occupant health and create safe and energy-efficient spaces in any room of a residential, workspace, or industrial building. The IAQ is a smart device that connects via cellular network and Wi-Fi in order to monitor key parameters of air quality in real-time. It accomplishes this through its nine built-in sensors, allowing it to detect critical events such as fires, mold, allergens, smoke, or any other occurrence that can hinder a sensitive group's ability to perform their best work.

The fully calibrated Airthinx IAQ monitor can easily be deployed in multiple locations and communicates with building automation systems to quickly mitigate the environmental impacts of indoor air pollution. With its companion app, any manager or resident can access the data it provides at any time. The Airthinx IAQ can work for commercial spaces, hotels, airplanes, healthcare spaces, homes, schools, and industrial buildings.