ALBEDO Telecom Net.Shark Field Tap, Capture and Save Device

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Rent ALBEDO Telecom Net.Shark Field Tap, Capture and Save Device
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ALBEDO Telecom Net.Shark
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Net.Shark Datasheet
Net.Shark is a FPGA based Tap with filtering capabilities, that connected in pass-through mode, is able to capture traffic at wire-speed. Packets are transmitted through two ports and traffic compliant with one of the filters is sent to Wireshark.

Wireshark is a network packet analyzer to examine communication network. Important features are: live packet data capture, display packets with very detailed protocol information, open/save data, import/export from/to other programs. It can search/filter data on many criteria. Wireshark is open source and probably the best packet analyzer available.
ALBEDO Telecom Net.Shark Features
  • World first hand-held, battery and 100% autonomous TAP
  • Hardware (FPGA) performance
  • Breaks out FDX traffic into separate streams to be dropped
  • It may aggregates filtered traffic to one DROP port into a single output stream
  • Traffic Regeneration