Albercorp CLC200 Cellcorder Battery Multimeter

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Albercorp CLC200 Cellcorder Battery Multimeter
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Alber CLC200
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The Albércorp Cellcorder is a data storing battery multimeter that provides fast, accurate information in a fraction of the normal test time. Compact and light weight in design, this intelligent test unit displays and records readings of cell float voltage, internal cell resistance, and intercell connection resistance. Other data, such as specific gravity and temperature, can be entered manually.

The Cellcorder may be used on a single cell or multicell module. Readings up to seven strings of 256 cells each or 28 strings of 64 cells can be stored and displayed on a bright fluorescent display. The Cellcorder features are further enhanced by a computer link and software that allows the transfer of readings to a personal computer (PC) for further analysis and report generation.

Alber CLC200 Features
  • Float Voltage Readings
  • Internal Cell Resistance
  • Intercell Resistance
  • Auto Ranging
  • Data Extraction and Analysis
  • System Display
  • Power
Alber CLC200 Specs
Reading Range Accuracy
Voltage 0 - 16.00 volts 0.1% of reading ±1 LSD
Cell Resistance 0 - 99.99 milliohms

Readings are repeatable from ±2% to ±5% (Refer to Albercorp Application Note CC-001 for details)

Intercell Resistance 0 - 2.000 milliohms 0.25% of reading ±2 microhm
Power Source 8V, 5 amp-hour battery (Will power unit for up to 6 hours)
Display Screen 4 Line x 20 character bright vacuum fluorescent
Weight 8.5 pounds (Not including leads or carrying case)
Dimensions 11.5 " wide; 10 " deep; 4 " high