Alcatel ASM 180 TD Helium Dry Leak Detector

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Rent Alcatel ASM 180 TD Helium Dry Leak Detector
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Alcatel-Lucent ASM 180
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The Alcatel ASM 180 TD Dry Helium Leak Detector is a compact portable model able to operate in space restricted areas. The 180 TD is a dry leak detector equipped with a high capacity, oil-free frictionless dry pump combined with a molecular dry pump for contamination free ultra-clean applications. It has a minimum detectable signal sensitivity of 5 x 10-12 atm cc/sec helium. The 180 series provides automatic operation of atmospheric sniffer tests, tests of long gas lines or tubings and large gross leak mode.
Alcatel-Lucent ASM 180 Features
  • Roughing System: 25 m3/h (18 cfm)
  • Smallest detectable signal: 5 x 10-12 atm cc/s
  • Helium pumping speed at inlet port: 4.4 l/s
Alcatel-Lucent ASM 180 Applications
  • Automotive Component Leak Testing
  • Aeronautics/Aerospace Leak Testing
  • Electrical Leak Testing
  • Chemical & Mechanical Leak Testing
  • Refrigeration/HVAC Leak Testing
  • Packaging Leak Testing
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Leak Testing
  • Nuclear Physics/Research & Development Leak Testing