All-Test IV Pro Motor Circuit Analyzer

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All-Test Pro IV Pro
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IV Pro Datasheet
The handheld All-Test IV Pro Motor Circuit Analyzer is an excellent analytical instrument for detecting and trending potential winding faults in AC and DC motors, transformers (distribution and transmission), generators, alternators, and other devices with windings. The ATIV is also used for off-line rotor testing for issues such as eccentricity, broken/fractured rotor bars, and casting voids.
All-Test Pro IV Pro Features
  • Versatile - works on all types and sizes of motors-induction, synchronous, servo, dc, and more.
  • Sensitive - detects faults at their earliest stages, before motor failure. Detects "deep" winding faults.
  • Fast - testing only takes a few minutes and will give you a complete picture of motor health.
  • Convenient - tests can be taken from the motor control center, through hundreds of feet of cable.
  • Easy to use - menu driven with on-screen prompts.
  • Expert software provides fault diagnosis plus trending of all data.