America Ilsintech Swift-F1 Fusion Splicer

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America Ilsintech Swift-F1
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Swift-F1 Datasheet
The America Ilsintech Swift-F1 Fusion Splicer is the highly sophisticated and integrated clad alignment fusion splicer, which has been designed to perform the major 5 multi-functional features systematically: heating, stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing and sleeving. The structural and complementary features of Swift-F1 have been applied to the design of Swift Connectors to resolve the hard-pressing problems of mechanical connectors that has persisted from the past : low quality, weak durability and high maintenance cost. Swift-F1 has turned around the way that the connector users, who were used to think previously, as from the installation and maintenance costs of splice-on connector had been more expensive than mechanical connector to more cost-effective than mechanical connector.
America Ilsintech Swift-F1 Specs
Alignment Fixed V - Groove (Clad to Clad)
Crackling Diameter 125 μm
Coating Diameter 250 μm - 900 μm
Average Splice Loss 0.03dB(SM), 0.02dB(MM), 0.06dB(NZDS, DS)
Splicing Time (Typical) 7 sec
Heating Time 20 sec(0.9mm Fiber), 70 sec (Indoor, 3.0mm Cable)
Sleeve Length 30mm(0.9mm Fiber), 40mm(2.0, 3.0mm, Indoor Cable)
Tension Test 1.96N
Splice Memory 2000