America Ilsintech Swift-R5 Fusion Splicer

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America Ilsintech Swift-R5
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Swift-R5 Datasheet
The America Ilsintech Swift-R5 Fusion Splicer's ergonomic design enables the user to complete all five processes of optical fiber splicing (stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing and sleeving) quickly and conveniently. The All In One design eliminates the need for a large work space of a traditional fusion splicer design that uses all of the prep tools (manual stripper, cleaver, alcohol bottle) separately. Also, the automatic thermal stripper conveniently strips 250um and 900um without scratching the fiber that is typical when using hand held mechanical fiber strippers. This, in turn, reduces the chances of failure that may be caused by the scratches introduced when using mechanical strippers.
America Ilsintech Swift-R5 Features
  • Integrated to All In One
  • Rugged Design Against Shock, Dust, Rain
  • Long Battery Life more than 320times Full-Cycles
  • Dual Sleeve Heater
  • No Scratches on Bare Fiber by Heating Stripping
  • Navigational Touch Screen with 4.3 Color Monitor
  • Attached Sleeve Loader
  • Compatible for SOC Connector (Option)
America Ilsintech Swift-R5 Specs
Applicable Type of Fibers: SM(ITU-T G.652), MM(ITU-T G.651), DS(ITU-T G.653), NZDS(ITU-T G.655)
Fiber Count: Single fiber, 2~12 fiber
Applicable Fiber Dimensions: Single: Cladding diameter 125μm , Coating diameter 250, 900μm
Ribbon: Cladding diameter 125μm , Ribbon fiber thickness 0.27 to 0.32mm
Fiber Setting and Cleaved Length: 8mm
Splicing Modes: Splice Mode: 100, Heat Mode: 50
Typical Splice Loss: SM: 0.05dB, MM: 0.02dB, DS: 0.08dB, NZDS: 0.08dB
Return Loss: > 60dB
Splicing Time: Typical 20sec with standard SM(ITU-T G.652)
Splice Loss Estimate: Available
Sleeve Heating Time 35sec