Ameritec AM2-DX Niagara ISDN PRI 1.544 Mps Simulator

Ameritec AM2-DX Niagara ISDN PRI 1.544 Mps Simulator
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Ameritec's AM2 Niagara® family of products is comprised of fully self-contained portable test instruments designed to meet the rigid demands of todays telephony applications developer in both laboratory and field applications. The AM2 Niagara, simply put, makes telephone calls - and lots of them!

Each AM2 Niagara unit allows interfacing to different line types. One model interfaces to Analog POTS lines, another to Analog P-Phones lines, others to T1, E1, PRI, BRI, and SS7. The AM2 Niagara allows users to develop a test environment with the ability to test highly complex call scenarios.



Capacity Four 1.544 Mbps PCM 24 channel T1 CCS trunks
24 timeslots (23B+D) per trunk
AM1 and B8ZS Line Coding
Menu selectable D3/D4 Framing or ESF formats
Interface Options Bantam 100Ω balanced input connectors
Bantam 120Ω balanced input connectors
Call Volume AM2-DX: 48,000 confirmed calls per hour (4 spans)

Signaling System

Signaling System Layer 1 Complies with ANSI T1.408
Complies with ITU-T (CCITT) 1.412 and 1.431
Signaling System Layer 2 Q.921/LAPD and LAPB (X.25) Signaling
Signaling System Layer 3 Q.931 and equivalent standards
Up to 8 different L3 protocols may be down loaded to unit
Menu selection of L3 protocol for each B- and D-channel
D- or signaling channel may be assigned to any physical time slot
Various international protocols supported
Additional protocols can be created and downloaded from Workstation or PC
Packet Data X.31 Case A and Case B
BPS: B-channel X.25 packet data
DPS: D-channel X.25 packet data
Circuit Switched: CSD: Circuit switched data (BERT)
CSV: Circuit switched voice