Amrel ZVL Series Zero-Volt Programmable Loads

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Rent Amrel ZVL Series Zero-Volt Programmable Loads
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Amrel ZVL
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The Amrel ZVL Series Zero-Volt Programmable Loads are specifically designed for single cell fuel cell testing, ultra-low voltage battery testing, and 0-volt load applications. The ZVL zero-volt load offers the industry's highest current rating for "0-Volt" operation. Custom-tailored voltage and current ratings make ZVL zero-volt loads perfect for many diverse applications. All this in a compact fully-integrated, rackmount-ready package.
Amrel ZVL Features
  • Broadest Model Selection:60W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 300W or Custom-tailored Power Ratings
  • Exclusive Voltage Models:Standard 10V, 20V, 150V and Custom-tailored Voltage Ratings
  • Ideal for Unique Test Applications: Custom-tailored Ratings & Features Available
  • Exclusive Ethernet Models Available: 400W, 800W and 1.5kW Ethernet-based ZVL-E Models
  • True Zero volt Operation: Fully Integrated Booster Supply and dc Electronic Load
  • Rackmount and Bench Ready: Rackmount Kits Available
  • Maximize ROI: On-bench Closed-case Calibration Without Outside Calibration Lab
  • Reliable: Individual FET Protection to Isolate Power Stage Failures
  • Maximized Uptime: Redundant Over-temperature and Over-power Protection
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation: Fan Speed Control for Reduced Acoustic Noise Under Light Load Conditions.
  • Flexible Test Platform: Five Modes of Operation: CC, CR, CV, CP and Pulse Load Shaping
Amrel ZVL Specs
Remote Interfaces RS-232, GPIB & USB/ETHERNET
Analog Programming 0 ~ 10Vdc corresponds to 0 ~ Imax
Accuracy  Mode Accuracy ± 0.1% of Rating
Vmon Accuracy 0.10% of RDG ± 0.1% of Rating
Imon Accuracy 0.10% of RDG ± 0.1% of Rating
AC Input 115/230Vac | 50/60Hz