Ancot DSC216/FD SCSI Device Analyzer

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Ancot DSC216/FD SCSI Device
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Ancot DSC-216
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The DSC-216 is a highly portable, advanced, versatile, user-configurable SCSI Bus Analyzer. This instrument was designed for development work in the laboratory, production test, and field service applications.

The DSC-216 Tracer/Analyzer provides a comprehensive SCSI event tracer and debugger with powerful triggering capability. It provides displays of SCSI Bus activity in a variety of formats for easy interpretation.

Ancot DSC-216 Features
  • Highest SCSI Standard Supported: Fast-10
  • Timing Resolution: 20 ns
  • Maximum Sustained Data Recording Rate: 20 MB/s
  • Trace Event Memory Options: 32, 131, 524, KEvents
  • SCSI Electrical Bus Interfaces: HVD, SE
  • SCSI Protocol Support: SCSI-1, -SCSI-2
  • Bus Widths Supported: Narrow (8-bit), Wide (16-bit)
  • Internal Display: B&W
  • Built-in 24 Key Keyboard/Keypad