Ancot FCA-5010 Fiber Channel Analyzer

Ancot FCA-5010 Fiber Channel Analyzer
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  • Data transfer rates: 1 Gbps or 266 Mbps
  • Topologies: arbitrated loop, fabric, and point-to-point
  • Media: optical fiber (single or multi-mode) or copper
  • Connectors: SC (Fiber) or DB-9 (Copper)


Trace Memory Features
  • Passive, non-intrusive circular tracing
  • 128K event trace memory (512K on FCA-5010)
  • Split-screen display of time-synchronized channels
  • Captures data in 10B format
  • Allows illegal codes
  • Enables future protocol upgrades
  • Both Channels are time-synchronized
  • Fibre Channel traffic captured directly by hardware


Operation Features
  • Simple Record-Pause-Stop-Display-Clear tracing control
  • Search for a trace event
  • Upload/download trace to host via serial port
  • Remote control via serial port
  • Print via parallel port


Trigger Specifications
  • Trigger to stop recording when trace memory is full, or position trigger event anywhere in the trace
  • Trigger on channel, A, B, A or B, A and B
  • Eight-level configurable trigger circuitry

Filter Specifications
  • Flexible hardware-based filtering
  • Per channel filter pattern setup
  • Filter in or out matching frames
  • Save All or Skip Payload