Anritsu MS2711A Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

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Anritsu MS2711A Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
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Anritsu MS2711A
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Manual Specifications
The Anritsu HHSA is a synthesized-based hand held spectrum analyzer that provides quick and accurate signal results. Measurements can be easily made by using the main instrument functions: frequency, span, amplitude and bandwidth. Dedicated keys for common functions and a familiar calculator type keypad are available for fast data entry. Automatic time and date stamping of measurement data of up to 200 results is provided as is storage and recall of up to 10 different measurement setups. A large, high-resolution liquid crystal display (LCD) provides easy viewing in a variety of lighting conditions. The Anritsu HHSA is capable of up to two and one-half hours of continuous operation from a fully charged battery and can be operated from a 12.5 Vdc source (which will also simultaneously charge the battery). Built-in energy conservation features can be used to extend battery life over an eight-hour workday.

The Anritsu HHSA is designed for monitoring, measuring, and analyzing signal environments. Typical measurements include: in-band interference, transmit spectrum analysis, antenna isolation and cell area interference. A full range of marker capabilities such as peak, center and delta functions are provided for faster, more comprehensive measurement of displayed signals. Limit lines are available for creating quick, simple pass/fail measurements. A menu option provides for an audible beep when the limit value is exceeded. To permit use in low-light environments, the LCD can be back lit using a front panel key.
Anritsu MS2711A Specs
Frequency Range 100 kHz to 3.0 GHz
Frequency Reference

± 1 ppm/yr
± 2 ppm
Frequency Span 100 kHz to 3 GHz in 1, 2, 5 step selections in auto mode, plus zero span
Sweep Time ≥ 650 ms full span; 400 ms zero span
SSB Phase Noise -75 dBc/Hz, 30 kHz offset @ 1 GHz
Spurious Responses
Input Related

≤ -45 dBc
Residual Responses

≤ -95 dBm
Resolution Bandwidth

10 kHz, 30 kHz, 100 kHz and 1 MHz ± 20% typical
Video Bandwidth

100 Hz to 300 kHz in 1-3 sequence