Anritsu PSN50 High Accuracy Power Sensor

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The High Accuracy Power Meter is designed to provide accurate power measurements from 50 MHz to 6 GHz for many products in the Anritsu catalog. The PSN50 is currently compatible with Site Master, Cell Master, Spectrum Master, BTS Master, VNA Master, and the MS271xB Economy Microwave Spectrum Analyzer instruments.

As an overview, the PSN50 sensor provides true RMS measurements from -30 dBm to +20 dBm enabling users to make highly accurate power measurements for both CW and digitally modulated signals such as GSM/EDGE, CDMA/EV-DO,WCDMA/HSDPA, WiMAX, and TD-SCDMA. Accurate power measurements in the field are important for verifying that transmitter outputs are operating at specified levels. For example, service technicians need to verify base station output power because lower output power can quickly translate into large coverage differences that can cause dropped calls.

For the products that support USB, the sensor easily connects to the instrument via a USB A/mini-B cable. These supported USB instruments include the BTS Master, Spectrum Master (MS272xB), VNA Master, and MS271xB Economy Microwave Spectrum Analyzer instruments. An additional benefit of using the USB connection is that a separate DC supply is not needed since the necessary power is supplied by the instrument.

In contrast, the instruments with an RS-232 serial interface require an external DC supply in addition to the RS-232 serial cable. These RS-232 instruments include the Site Master (S331D/S332D), Spectrum Master (MS2711D) and Cell Master (MT8212B) products.

The High Accuracy Power Meter (Option 19) is a software option that enables the desired instrument to interface with the power sensor.

Anritsu has worldwide calibration and service centers to ensure reduced downtime and local support. For customers who wish to self-calibrate and who have access to an appropriately equipped calibration laboratory, please see the PSN50 Technical Data Sheet for more information on our PSN50CalXpert software utility.