Anritsu S810C Microwave Site Master and Antenna Analyzer

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Rent Anritsu S810C Microwave Site Master and Antenna Analyzer
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Anritsu S810C
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The Anritsu S810C Microwave Site Master and Antenna Analyzer is the most accurate and convenient tool available for field installation, verification, troubleshooting and repair of microwave communication systems. Difficult test specifications become easy to verify. The S810C improves quality and reduces maintenance expenses by providing vector corrected measurements via calibration and a convenient user interface. Microwave Site Master targets microwave site installers, point-to-point operators, point-to-multipoint operators, radio manufacturers, PCS/Cellular operators, utility companies and private/public networks that support microwave links. These microwave Site Master models test both waveguide and coaxial cables more conveniently than laboratory sized scalar analyzers or microwave test sets.
Anritsu S810C Features
  • Accurately tests coaxial cable/waveguide transmission line and antennas
  • Tune mode for waveguide component alignment/testing
  • Superior immunity to live site RF interference
  • Clearly defined user interface for coaxial cable and waveguide media
  • Pop up menus for cable list, waveguide list and compatible flange list
  • Quickly select cable/waveguide type and test parameters without setup error
  • Large, high resolution display allows for easy viewing and trace interpretation under a variety of conditions