Argantix XDS 100-100 Programmable DC Power Supply 100 V, 100 A

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The Argantix XDS 100-100 Programmable DC Power Supply 100 Volts, 100 Amps is part of the XDS Series which packs up to 15 KW of DC power into a 5.25” rack mount chassis. Despite the high power density of this design, the XDS Series provides a low noise, stable output. A full set of measurements is built-in to provide instant feedback on EUT load characteristics. The XDS Series offers all the basic DC power supply capabilities needed for a wide range of applications and provides cost effective alternative to larger and more expensive products typically used for these applications.

Simple menu driven operation and familiar rotary controls for setting voltage and current ensures that the XDS Series Power Supplies are easy to operate. All front panel controls including the rotary knobs are digitally encoded for long lasting, trouble free operation. The voltage and current control knobs can be used to quickly slew output parameters. The intuitive front panel controls allow for easy operation of the supply by both novice and experienced users alike.

With excellent output regulation and accuracy, the XDS Series DC Power Supplies support a wide variety of DC power applications. Examples include communications, semiconductors, automotive, information technology and industrial. The standard RS232C serial interface supports remote control of all power supply functions and measurements and allows for easy integration into ATE systems. Use of standard SCPI command language syntax and instrument drivers for popular programming environments further ease system integration. An optional GPIB interface is available as well.